For years, Tur Transit has been working to achieve optimum efficiency with technological solutions that will ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering all the logistics solutions that customers need without any problems. Especially with the efficient logistics infrastructure needed in the automotive sector where speed, quality, and reliability are very important, it provides increased quality of service every day. It provides operational excellence on the logistics of the finished vehicles with its innovative solutions and provides services to its customers in the automotive sector with its internationally wide working network thanks to its flexibility and strong technological infrastructure.

Companies in the automotive sector need to supply products on time by supplying different products from many different suppliers to feed their production lines. Automotive companies want to trust logistic companies in order not to interfere in the works and to avoid delays in the production line. With the trust, quality and perfect service we provide for years, we always use technology and use our experience to minimize the risks of errors. We are keeping up with the pulse of the automotive sector with our expertly trained staff. By producing customized solutions, such as 3PL,4PL, just-in-time and just-in-sequence, for our customers, we are working for customer-oriented services by taking into consideration the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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