Fashion and textile sector, where the change and speed are at the forefront, from the raw material supply stage to the store department, all the logistic activities, we are providing boutique solutions for customer expectations by prioritizing the needs of our customers. Tur Transit offers integrated logistics services with its extensive distribution network with a strong and trained team that we offer to the leading brands in the textile sector. Tur Transit meets all the needs of customers with value-added services that provide and increase the competitiveness of customers in the textile sector. We contribute to our customers’ competitiveness by providing distribution with the highest vehicle occupancy rates. We provide excellent service to our customers with our wide distribution and strong organization network. We present tailor-made solutions for the whole processes starting from the purchase of raw materials till to the delivery of final products to the stores. Among the most important solutions we offer in the textile sector, our special storage service is offered to our customers. Tur Transit minimizes the cost of transport, storage and handling of all textile products and maximizes the value.

In line with the demands of our customers, we are serving with our box trailers specially designed to carry textile products. We provide organization and planning services in all regions and present textile transportation services with our wide business network.

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