Heavy Haulage

For domestic and international engineering projects, we offer various transportation modes for you, which are limited by the transportation of heavy and oversized loads, transportation vehicles, lifting capacity, road conditions, road and bridge loading capacity, tunnel width and height. From the beginning of the project to the end, we complete all processes for you in an effective, safe and economical way.
Tur Transit Logistics; It carries out all kinds of project transportation with its more than 40 years of experience, professionalized personnel and comprehensive fleet of own goods. We offer you innovative and unique solutions for the successful transportation of your project loads. TT, one of the most reliable project transportation companies in its field, has gained expertise and experience over the years to deal with logistically challenging cargo and industry-specific requirements by managing all transportation modes globally.

Our services:

Industrial Project transportation,
Heavy and non-standard cargo transportation,
heavy lifting, positioning,
multimodal transport,
ship charter,
Tur Transit Logistics offers these services to Turkey, all European countries, CIS countries and Middle East countries.

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