Project Transportation

We perform beyond the limits and ensure the delivery of your projects in the safest way in order to deliver your cargo to your desired destinations efficiently. Tur Transit, with its large excavation fleet and backhoe, loader supporting construction machinery park, provides foundation excavation, decoupage, road construction, infrastructure, dam, provides services by combining the necessary civil and survey engineers, up-to-date informatics and technological elements in the processes of road arrangement, excavation and transportation of business center and infrastructure constructions, especially in the processes of excavation, construction residues and excavation soil, which have started from demolition in recent urban transformation projects, and transportation.

Tur Transit successfully carries out high-volume construction projects with its tipper truck fleet and construction equipment for the expanding construction sector. We present our active project transportation duty in the construction sector by combining the special solutions we offer to our customers with our expert staff and strong working network.

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