ISO Management Systems Policies

Our Quality Policy

To establish the Appropriate and Accurate Quality Management System with the participation of all members of the Tur Transit family and to carry out with the participation of all members, to reach the highest efficiency and quality criteria on a world scale, and to constantly examine and continuously improve the System, Efficiency and Quality in the light of contemporary developments, therefore; Achieving ever-increasing Customer Satisfaction.

Our Environmental Policy

By adopting the Environmental Management principle, it minimizes the risks to protect the Environment and Natural resources. To follow and use technology that will reduce it to a minimum, To ensure recycling, re-evaluation, prevention of pollution and appropriate disposal of wastes harmful to nature.

Our OHS Policy

In the field of Occupational Health and Safety, to prevent occupational accidents by minimizing the risks that will endanger the health and safety of our employees, to ensure the consultation and participation of employees/employee representatives, and to carry out continuous improvement activities.

Our Human Resources Policy

Tur Transit Inc. considers all its stakeholders (Customer, Supplier, Employee) as a family. Employees are the core of this family. In this context, to prioritize the motivation of our employees and their commitment to Tur Transit, to provide continuous training and self development opportunities to our employees,

To maximize the productivity of our employees by making career planning, to create equality of opportunity among our employees, to follow a transparent and open management policy for our employees, to protect the material and moral rights of our employees, to protect the rights of our employees within the framework of the law and to ensure that the communication between them is healthy (to prevent verbal and actual harassment) to ensure that the confidential information of our employees, our company and our customers are not shared with second parties or organizations, to increase the impact of our employees on the system and service with the suggestion system and to encourage them, to increase their knowledge and skills, and to constantly review our Human Resources Policy, updating and improving are our basic principles.

Our Information Security Policy

Tur TransitInc., considers corporate information - including all kinds of know-how and information documents in the provision of the service - as an extremely valuable asset. This information; may be available in electronic form, on paper or in other media. Our organization is committed to implementing our information security management system in a way that fulfills the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard, eliminating risks and taking all necessary measures, increasing awareness of information security and ensuring its continuous improvement. In order to achieve this goal, it also aims to increase the competencies of the employees and to renew the technology used in information systems in order to increase the work efficiency of the employees. We are committed to complying with the legal and other requirements and constantly improving them in all activities defined within the scope of management systems for the provision of warehouse storage, unloading and loading services, customs, foreign trade, service, logistics, management and administrative organization activities.

Tur Transit Inc., the happiness of his family; to be individuals who have the assurance of meeting the basic needs of all individuals today and in the future, who can be proud of what they do and produce, with information security, environmental awareness and Occupational Health and Safety awareness, and are connected to each other and the environment with love, respect and trust; In short, it depends on their happiness. The only way to achieve this is to successfully implement our Integrated ISO Management Systems.

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