Domestic Transportation

TUR TRANSIT LOGISTICS produces domestic product distribution service operations for all dry food categories and non-food product categories.

TUR TRANSİT LOGISTICS, apart from carrying out partial distribution of Fmcg & Dry Food & Industry & Textile sector products to all National & Discount Market Warehouses and dealer warehouses in the country with regular trips, independently of the sector; It also provides domestic pallet and parcel partial transportation, domestic complete vehicle transportation, in-city dedicated vehicle transportation.

Periodic KPI meetings are held with all our customers every month, and all necessary actions are taken to maximize customer satisfaction. Pallet & parcel partial shipments are made regularly to 81 cities and central districts in Turkey with its own network and distribution network.

TUR TRANSIT LOGISTICS; You can buy domestically produced or imported dry food and non-food products from the producers in pallets or in bulk from the relevant production points, with vehicles that can transport the product in accordance with the needs of the product, and from any national & discount chain market (BİM-A101-ŞOK-MİGROS) -CARREFOUR) has the logistics infrastructure and distribution organization that will seamlessly ship to dealer & distributor warehouses.

TUR TRANSIT LOGISTICS customer services unit instantly communicates the problems and problems in shipments to its customers based on the delivery information and returns from the vehicle drivers and ensures that the necessary actions are taken. It transfers the images of the waybills to the on-line tracking section of the TUR TRANSİT LOGISTICS website and enables its customers to see the delivery reports and product delivery documents simultaneously.

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