Warehouse Service

We provide storage, stacking, handling, pelleting, labeling and documentation services to our customers with contracted domestic and international warehouses and duty-free warehouses. In our specialty self-owned warehouses located in Istanbul, Gölcük and Bursa, we provide services with the competence to keep up with the daily intense logistics flow of our customers with warehouse management experiences in various goods categories, existing information system infrastructure and flexible stock areas.

Ready-to-use shelf system, state-of-the-art equipment, attentive and experienced personnel, quality service are produced in its warehouses, and labeling, repackaging, stock management, barcoding services and goods collection and distribution services are also provided in line with customer demands.

Storage with and without shelves
Dry food storage
Tonnage storage
Coil storage
35 ton capacity crane
3.000 m² bonded closed area
6.000 m² closed area for logistics
Warehouse automation with barcode + RF
We offer you the opportunity to monitor your warehouse movements over the internet from your location.

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