Customs Clearance

Our expert staff, who knows the importance of speed as well as correct foreign trade and customs procedures, analyzes all import-export processes and case studies encountered, and manages and finalizes the process correctly for you with a solution-oriented approach together with the relevant departments. We determine all the customs clearance needs of our customers and provide the most suitable solutions to our customers with our technological infrastructure, experienced consultant staff and customer-oriented working structure.We work to complete the customs clearance process in the fastest and perfect way with our own operations staff within all customs clearance needs.

We are informed about the changing customs legislation as soon as possible and come to a conclusion as a result of a full team work. In addition, our company saves time by handling all the paperwork before the cargoes reach the destination.

In addition to customs clearance, Tur Transit supports you in all parts of the supply chain. It offers solutions not only for logistics and customs clearance, but also for warehousing.

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